Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Links 9/28/22

The Lancet Commission on Lessons for the Future from the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Critical Review

The Lancet Commission unintentionally shows that neolibealism helped cause the horrific public health response to Covid-19

Burning Books (or Rather Book Companies)

Silence is ultimately the opposite of what any decent book or book publisher stands for.

The Bornholm Blow-Up Repeats the Bornholm Bash — Poland Attacks Germany and Blames Russia

The military operation on Monday night which fired munitions to blow holes in the Nord Stream I and Nord Stream II pipelines on the Baltic Sea floor, near Bornholm Island,  was executed by….

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/27/2022

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Fast-Shrinking TBTF Giant Credit Suisse Is Living Dangerously

Time, money and options are fast running out for Switzerland’s second largest lender, Credit Suisse.

Mission Accomplished: “Super Mario” Draghi’s Legacy and the Italian Election

Turnout in Italy’s election was the lowest since WWII as voters lose faith in a system unable to reverse a declining standard of living.

Links 9/27/22

A Review of Barbara Tuchman’s “The March of Folly”

Tuchman believes that folly is “timeless and universal.” Much as I enjoy her work, I don’t.

2:00PM Water Cooler 9/26/2022

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Italy’s Lurch to the Right Raises Risk of Fossil Gas Lock-In

After this weekend’s snap election, incumbent energy companies will face scant pressure over climate change from the winning right-wing coalition.

US Tightens the Screws on Turkey Over Cooperation with Russia 

Turkey is trying to boost its economy by allowing Russian tourists to use the Mir payment system, but the US is applying pressure to cut the service.

Links 9/26/22

Europe Faces An Exodus Of Energy-Intensive Industries

Fortune passes everywhere.

How Ashish Jha and Rochelle Walensky of Newton, MA Protect Their Children from Covid (But not Yours)

But Jha and Walensky aren’t the only residents of Newton, thank heavens.