Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Middle East Escalation: Financial Times’ Revealing Account of Israel Risk of Ukraine-Style Air Defense Attrition; Helmer on Possible Electrical Grid Campaign

US mixed messages continue: trying to check Israel’s suicidal conduct while providing military support. So what might happen next?

Links 4/17/2024

Can a New German Party Steer the European Left in a More Effective Direction? 

Sahra Wagenknecht shook up the German political establishment with the January launch of her new left-populist political party. She’s now looking to do the same in the European Parliament. 

A Brief History of Kill Lists, From Langley to Lavender

The AI targeting system, Lavender, tries to provide a tech gloss of legitimacy to hit lists, here one designed to kill bystanders.

Scientists Warn Gulf Stream Slowdown Could Begin as Early as 2025

The timing of the Gulf Stream slowdown looks to be arriving ahead of its earlier schedule.

Alvin Bragg’s Odd “Hush Money” (Except Not) 34-Felony Case Against Trump Begins

An Indictment where misdemeanors become felonies based on unspecifed “other crimes”; a Statement of Facts without all the facts.

2:00PM Water Cooler 4/16/2024

~ Today’s Water Cooler: Politics, pandemics, now would be a good time to sell gold, Kennedy on the ballot in Iowa, pilots cite “problematic trends” ~

Links 4/16/2024

Lenin Revised — Russian Military Power Means De-Electrification And Unconditional Surrender Of The Kiev Regime

Chronicling Russia’s relentless de-electrification campaign and the path to Ukraine capitulation.

Javier Milei Seems Intent on Embroiling Argentina in War, Whether in Ukraine or the Middle East (Or Both)

Argentina “cannot be neutral in the Third World War.”

Zombie Tests: Is the SAT Back From the Dead?

The debate over the class and minority bias in the SAT comes back to live as the testing picks up.

More Economic Effects of Our Ongoing Covid Pandemic (with Cognitive Dysfunction and the Labor Market)

Are the effects of Long Covid on the workforrce “material”? Plus the labor market, labor force participation, “the economy,” etc.

2:00PM Water Cooler 4/15/2024

~ Today’s Water Cooler: Open thread ~

Links 4/15/2024

How Ultranationalist Zionists Seek the Destruction of the Al Aqsa Mosque to Produce the End Times

On the plans to destroy the Al Aqsa mosque, one of the most sacred site in Islam, and the conflagration it would generate.