Thursday, August 18, 2022

Economists Fear Fed Minutes Show Central Bank Bent on ‘Unleashing Mass Unemployment’

The Fed confirms its true colors of being in the business of disciplining labor, whether it makes sense of not.

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Failing CDC Chief Rochelle Walensky Makes Confession, Announces “Shake Up” via Committee When She Should Resign

Rochelle Walenksy makes an all-too-obvious gambit to save her spot at the CDC. But the very initiative proves she should resign.

A Next-Level Water Crisis: Colorado River Basin Faces Tier 2 Restrictions

More on the intensifying Colorado River water crisis.

Are Community Schools the Last, Best Shot at Addressing Education Inequity?

Community schools appear to be solving the long-standing education gap between the affluent and the less privileged.

2:00PM Water Cooler 8/17/2022

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Influential Oil Company Scenarios for Combating Climate Change Don’t Actually Meet the Paris Agreement Goals, Our New Analysis Shows

How Big Oil plays data games with the Paris Agreement climate targets, already seen by many as too permissive.

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Germany to Keep Three Nuclear Plants Going Past Old Shut-Down Date to Alleviate Energy Crunch

Germany looks a wee bit desperate as it suddendly moves to keep three nuclear reactors in producion that were set for shutdown

Buy and Bust: Collapse of Private Equity-Backed Rural Hospitals Mired Employees in Medical Bills

Bad enough when private equity hurts customers and communities. Here they stole from employees by defaulting on health insurance

Does Nature Have Rights? Victorian Polymath John Ruskin Thought So

Jeffrey Spear discusses how the insights of John Ruskin can help create a new paradigm for protecting the planet.

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Stagflation: From Tragedy to Farce

Half a century after the 1970s’ stagflation, economies are contracting as prices rise again.

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Is Cold, Hard Cash Making a Comeback?

While cash use has been declining in many places for years, the trend may have reached its apogee. In some countries, including the UK and Spain, it even appears to be making a fragile comeback.