Monday, December 4, 2023

Links 12/4/2023

EU and US Ukraine Funding Even More in Doubt as War Effort Falters

Things are going from bad to worse for Ukraine, and at an accelerating pace too.

Evidence – And an Explanation – For the Recent Surge in Inflation Inequality

Though firms passed rising upstream costs on to retailers at similar absolute rates, the increases for low-end products are disproportionately large when measured in percentages – a pattern with real consequences for consumers.

The Etymologies of Capital, Capitalist, and Capitalism: A Brief Sketch

How English added capital, capitalist, and capitalism to its word hoard.

Links 12/3/2023

FTC Chief Gears Up for a Showdown With Private Equity

Over the past three years, FTC and Department of Justice officials have signaled they would apply more scrutiny to private equity acquisitions in health care, including roll-up deals in which larger provider groups buy smaller groups in a local market.

Links 12/2/2023

The Pentagon Fails Its Audit Again—and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again

he Pentagon is still at it! Keeps using bad books helps cover for getting more than it is entitled to.

Yanis Varoufakis: “As Bombs Are Raining Down on Gaza Again, It Is No Longer About Hamas or Netanyahu. It Is About OUR Humanity Being Tested

A call to stand against the slaughter in Gaza.

2:00PM Water Cooler 12/1/2023

~ Today’s Water Cooler ~

Solving the Climate Crisis Means Ending Our Addiction to Economic Growth

COP28 may toy with wide-ranging reforms needed to arrest a climate disaster. But arguablly necessary governance structures seem unattainable.

Links 12/1/2023

The Drums of War Are Growing Louder in South America

As tensions rise in the Essequibo territorial dispute, Brazil sends reinforcements to its northern border, Venezuela holds a referendum on whether to annex the region and Guyana mulls hosting US military bases.

NATO/West or Global Majority? Unipolar Destruction or Multipolar Development? The World Must Choose

Yves here. While there is a lot of merit in the latest discussion between Radhika Desai and Micheal Hudson on their favorite topic of mutlipolarity, I feel compelled to correct some imprecisions. The video depicts the “German government” as having “raised” the debt brake but then “not being allowed” with no depiction of agency, to […]

The Dutch Earthquake

Why did so many Dutch citizens vote for the far-right Geert Wilders?