Wednesday, July 6, 2022

2:00PM Water Cooler 7/6/2022

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NYC Doctors, Doulas, Activists Prep for a Massive Influx of Abortion Seekers

At a grassroots level, New York advocates have long been helping women where abortion is effectively unavailable. Now, they’re doing even more

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The Coming Sanctions-Induced Economic Tsunami?

It does not take much in the way of prognostication skills to anticipate that things can get way way worse on the economic front.

Welfare Can Discourage Crime More Than It Discourages Work

Who’d have thunk it? Income support, such as welfare, reduces crime.

Boris Johnson Death Watch

Boris Johnson agonistes.

2:00PM Water Cooler 7/5/2022

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Supremes Kayo Climate Change Regulation: West Virginia v. EPA

The Supreme Court last week scuppered the ability of the EPA to implement climate change regulation under the Clean Air Act- absent further action by Congress.

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EU Commission President Once Again in Hot Water (Or At Least Should Be) Over Her Opaque Dealings With Pfizer

Concerns are rising about the EU Commission’s ongoing opacity over its relations with Pfizer. But this is not the first time von der Leyen has been caught deleting sensitive information regarding deals with large corporations.

Shorting British, American and Baltic Intelligence – Going Long on Vladimir Putin

Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s possible to get books published about Putin based on accounts by spooks not in Russia when Putin was in office.

Weaponizing Free Trade Agreements

free trade agreements may increasingly become economic weapons in the new Cold War, disrupting earlier globalization.

The Filibuster, the “Nuclear Option,” and a (New, Old) Thermonuclear Option

The filibuster: Senatorial arcana, the Senate as a deliberative body, and blowing it all up with a lawsuit based on a theory of “legislative entrenchement”

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Wealth of Two Nations: The US Racial Wealth Gap, 1860-2020

Severe racial differences in initial conditions after Emancipation have contributed greatly to today’s stalled progress in closing the racial wealth gap.