Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Links 10/3/2023

America’s Bad Math Scores Are a Problem, Experts Say

From STEM fields to national security, employers and experts raise new alarms about U.S. students’ subpar math skills.

Ukraine’s Unraveling, the Funding Row, and Coalition Wobbles

Project Ukraine is having another bad week.

Is a Revolt Finally Brewing in US Against Exorbitant Credit and Debit Card Swipe Fees?

“The reason this battle is so hard fought is that it pits two big spending constituencies against each other: banks versus retailers.”

2:00PM Water Cooler 10/2/2023

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Happy Talk About US Slowdown a Recession Warning as China Growth Also Weakening

Recession complacency means things are wobblier than they seem.

Links 10/2/2023

Armenia’s Bleak Future Thanks to US Neocons 

US actions will only push other regional actors closer together, isolate Armenia, and likely lead to further territory losses for Yerevan. But at least the neocons scored a temporary PR victory. 

City Caught Flat-Footed on Flood as Deluge Dredges Up Past Lessons

New York City parents, public officials and climate advocates all say the mayor and his team were ill-prepared for the effects of a storm that was on the radar days before.

No Energy Transition Unless Tech Can Make It Cost Competitive: BlackRock

What happens to countries and populations that can’t afford higher cost green energy?

Ukraine Endgame Accelerates as Congress Denies Any Funding in Stopgap Bill and Fico Wins in Slovakia Vote

Project Ukraine is going wobbly.

Links 10/1/2023

US Tries to Play Hardball with India

The neocons go to their usual playbook. Meanwhile, India expands trade routes with Russia and looks for a way forward with Beijing. 

Response to Douthat on Two-Parent Families

Matt Bruenig responds to New York Times columnist Ross Douthat’s thoughts on his recent analysis of the flaws in the methodology used to argue that offspring benefit from married parents. 

Links 9/30/2023